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RIP Rebel, 12/8/08 to 16/12/16

After a very short illness, my heart is broken.

Its summer time so we all have a break from trialling and training and chill out at the beach which Rebel just loves. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings. 



 Rebel at a Retrieving Trial.

4th July 2015


2016 News


1/5/16 - The Retrieving Club of WA - Entered in Restricted class -  Rebel completing all 3 run and a fininish in THIRD PLACE.  Good Boy.

24/4/16 - ANRTC - Entered in our second trial for the 2016 season with us in Restricted Class and Rebel doing some really nice work completing all 3 runs. Very pleased and then at presentations to find out we had finished in FIRST PLACE, I was extremely proud.


 2015 News

6/9/15 - Labrador Retriever Club of WA - Entered in Retricted class - finished all 3 run and place 3rd. This being our last retrieving trials for 2015 season. Back to our summer sport - obedience.

29/8/15 - Gundog Club of WA - Restricted retrieving Stake - finished all 3 run and placed 3rd.

 18/7/15 - Retrieving Club of W.A. - we were entered in our 3rd Open RATG today and finished with a qualifying score in 2nd place.  This pass now gives Rebel is Open title. WooHoo Rebel - ORA to add to your name.

4/7/15 - ANRTC Retrieving Stake - Restricted class - finished all 3 run and a 3rd Place. 

27/6/15 - At the Retrieving Club's RATG trial, we were in our second trial finishing with a qualifying score in 3rd Place. 

10/5/15 - At the Retrieving Clubs first RATG trial for the season, we were entered in our first ever RATG in the Open class where Rebel finished with the top qualifying score to give us our first pass. I found it a bit strange with no gun, but certainly didnt seem to bother Rebel at all. What a good boy he is.

 3/5/15 - Retrieving Club of WA. Once again Rebel finished in 3RD PLACE in the Novice Stake.

 25/4/15 - ANRTC Novice Retrieving stake, complete all runs to finish in 3RD PLACE. Then in the Restricted Stake completed all 3 runs.  A great day with a great dog.

 20/3/15 - Perth Training & Obedience Dog Club - Open Obedience class passing in 2ND PLACE gaining his final pass for his CDX TITLE,  what a good boy. 

Great year and retrieving and other trials cut short with the arrival of Max  but very proud of Rebel's efforts in 2014, roll on 2015.

29/6/14 - Back to retrieving - this time the Gundog Club of WA - Restricted Stake with all runs completed and yep - 2ND PLACE.  

24/5/14 - We were entered at the WCRC of WA Inc. Rally Obedience in the Excellent A class and Woo Hoo Rebel finished in 2ND PLACE. 

18/5/14 - Off to the Labrador Retriever Club of WA. Retrieving trial - Restricted stake and extremely happy to say we finished in 2ND PLACE - way to go Rebel.

3/5/14 - At the Midland Dog Training Club Inc. trial we entered in Open  obedience class, passed and in 2ND PLACE. - always proud of my boy. 

21/3/14 - At the Perth Training & Obedience Dog Club  Obedience trial Rebel entered in only is second Open class (CDX) and not only passed on 190 but finished in 1ST PLACE - very proud.

1/3/14 - The Purina Proplan Western Classic - Rally Obedience Trial, Rebel gained another pass in Rally Excellent with a score of 92. 

 1/2/14 - CAWA Obedience Events Committee Trial - Entered in Novice Obedience  and a nice cool night to start the 2014 trialling year off. Very please with Rebel  with a 1ST PLACE for his last pass for his CD TITLE.

27/12/13 - DogsWest Fundraiser Trial - Novice Obedience, Rebel once again did some very nice work and qualified with 188 and 1ST PLACE.  We also were entered in Rally Obedience Excellent class and he was on a roll only dropping 3 points to finish with 97 and another 1ST PLACE.  What a great way for finish our trialling for 2013.  Roll on 2014. 

19/12/13 - Dobermann Club of WA - Novice Obedience , Rebel did some very nice obedience to not only qualify on 186 but finished in 2ND PLACE.  Good boy.

22/3/13 - Perth Training & Obedience Dog Club - obedience trial. Nice cool night for the dogs to work in and we were entered in the CCD class and on a nice pass when it comes to the group stays, and once again some hair raising moments when the dog next to him gets up only seconds after we leave for the sit stays, and in the drop stays a BC 2 dogs away in the final seconds decided to get have and have a little run around, but very nice solid stays from Rebel.  We finished in second place and yippee - that was our final pass for our CCD title, way to go Rebel.  

4/3/13 - Dogs West, Western Classic we were entered in Rally Advance class and some great work to finished with a very nice score of 95. 

23/2/13 - Our first trials for 2013 held by Southern River Agility & Obedience Dog Club we were entered in both Obedience under Judge Ms Karren McClusky  on a nice cool night just perfect for trialling, Rebel put in a really nice round and once again a very solid SFE and sit and drop stays, even when the dog next to him got up and move toward its own in both stays, Rebel remained in place. Total points lost 4, woohoo and finished in 1ST PLACE.

Once gain we were entered in the Rally O Advance A class under judge Ms Cindy Didsman, one little mistake on Rebel's part too busy looking outside the ring and missed his first drop, but a re-try and back on track only lossing 6 points and finished in 1ST PLACE.    This now gives Rebel his Rally Advance title (RA).

I was just so happy to have two passes, but two 1st Places I never dreamed of, what a wonderful boy he is.

14/12/12 - At the Dobermann Club of WA Obedience trial under judge Dr Amanda Bowen qualified in the CCD class in 4th Place. A little distracted but did some nice work with a perfect score for his Stand For Examination - fancy a Flatcoat being able to wag his tail at a 100 miles and hour and still manage to keep all 4 feet on the ground. Also perfect for both the sit and drop stays when there were so many dogs he could be saying hello to.

Also on the same night at the Rally O trial under Judge Mrs Cheryl Bedggood, qualified in the Advance Class with 92/100, dog was fabulous, shame about the handler, sorry Rebel I managed to loose a couple of thoes points for you.  Just so proud of my boy, just tries so hard at everything he does and I can't ask for more than that.  A great finished to the 2012 trialing year.  Looking forward to 2013. 

25/8/12 - At the Events Committee Fundraiser Rally O Trial in the Advanced Rebel did some very nice work to gain our first pass with 90/100. Great dog, shame about the handler who miss read one of the signs, sorry Rebel.  Clever boy. 

19/8/12 - The Labrado Retriever Club held their Restricted trial only 45 minutes from home today, nice not having such a long drive. We drew No1 again today, but not really worried about that, and our first run and double mark with a double rise - first time Rebel has had 3 birds to pick up in one run. Shot at the mark (very short landing in some saplings) and double rise first - the one to remember then at the other mark, long one going away from up with just being able to see it above the tree line landing behind some thick bush sending for this one first. Off he went and you had no idea if they double back for the short one because you could no see them once they left and went over the track down the bank into the trees.  What seemed ages but only a couple of minutes Rebel was back with his bird. Lined him up for the short mark and off he went and in no time at all was back with his birdie, decided to heel him around to make sure he was lined up correctly and as we turn, told him "another one" (been practicing our double rises by him fetching my slippers ) then once in position "fetch" and off he went into the trees but in no time at all he was back with his third bird, huge relief. As the judge was checking his birds told me he had done a great job - certainly had because at presentions I learned he top scored it with 58 points.  Run 2 a mark which was a channel swim up the river against a very strong current and a blind across water down stream. Well he certainly impressed me with his mark, did a fabulous channel swim and I could see the current pushing him to the left, but he would get himself back in line.  He was only 1 of 2 dog to actually channel swim the river, others just went over to the left bank and got out and ran the bank. He surfed his way back with the bird on the current, bet he thought that was much easier than the going out.  Then onto the blind, however he had different ideas to me where he should be going, probably made more difficult by the fact that the blind had to be put across the river by the thrower, rather than by hand as its usually done, so as the dogs were sat in a hide just behind us they could hear the thrower and the bird landing.  He was naughty not to do as I asked and we were out, but not all his fault, we have not done very much training on blinds over water, 99% them have been on land, so sorry Rebel we will spend summer working on them as well.  As usuall we came away happy with what we had done, got some very positive things once again and it great to know we are getting back on track.  Two more trials to the end of the season, where has the time gone.  Here are a couple of photos taken while we were working on the first run.


29/7/12 - Today we went off to Toodyay for the Retrieving Clubs Restricted trial with a judge from South Australia - Mr Graham Allen.  So far this year we have been struggling with the restricted class as its a huge step up from novice but each trial I can see Rebel is getting a better grasp on it, me too for that matter, does my head in also. First run a blind and a mark, with blinds we have been leaving our dogs in a hide but today they were sat with us when we fired at the blind, sure that added to the confusion as Rebel had not seen anything go up, but lined him up, shot the mark and sent him, did a good job, so onto the blind pick up. Rebel decided well it must be back where he saw the mark, but I did manage to get him to come in and sit just in front of the firing line, gave him a strong back and yep, off he went in the right direction. In hind sight once I got him over the river and headed for it I should have told him find but no thought I would let him get it himself, well there was my first mistake.  In a flash he was heading back down to the mark area and no way would the little devil obey my come, well not surprised because out there was a FOX running around and Rebel was on that scent. Cant tell you how hard my heart was thumping, but he did come back but that was us out, however we were allowed to do the other two runs at the end of the field. Next run was a double mark and he did a great job of both marks, the 3rd run was a blind and our favorite (NOT) 2 bird, the last 3 times we have had a 2 bird Rebel has brought both birds back and the same time.  However, we have been working on them as well, so was interested to see how he would go. This time the dogs were in a hide while we fired at the blind, solid as a rock waiting to be called. Blind was up a bit of a gully with all trees on the left and for three quarters of the way a open area on the right which was up on a bank, then back into trees both sides where the blind was placed, which was probably about 100 metres away, once they picked up the blind and about 5 metres into their return the 2 birds was going up over on the right with the dogs getting a very good view.  I did have plan that just as I shot at the 2 birds I would call come and keep calling if I thought he was off to collect both the birds. So off to get the blind and did a nice line, untill he got to where it was getting trees both side, then he decided to go up the bank to the right, just about to hit the whistle and he changed his mind and came back down into the gully, this time I was not leaving anything to chance and when he was getting close to the blind gave him a nice loud FIND. Got his bird, I closed the gun, kept one eye on Rebel and one for the 2 bird going up, shot it and gave a very loud COME, but to be honest could have saved my breath as he did not look like he was going to go and collect the 2 bird.  Cant tell you how happy I was, so once he was close told him he was a good boy, I could have given him a big kiss. Lined him up and he was off to collect  his bird.  So while we were out on the first run, I was extremely pleased with how well he did on the other 2 runs, we both came home very happy. Roll on the next trial, cant wait to see how he goes.

4/6/12 - Souther River Agility & Obedience Dog Club held a Novice Rally Obedience trial today, extremely proud to report Rebel was entered in his 3rd trial to get his 3rd pass to earn his Rally Novice title (RN) . What a talented boy he is.


Thank you Dr Amanda Bowen for the beautiful photos from today.

 2/6/12 - ANRTC Restricted Retrieving trial held at Mogumber just over a 2 hour drive from home.  I must love retrieving because Rebel and I were up getting organised before 4am, but well worth the trip. Run 1 - a double mark, the first bird a long one, landing behind some tree, second bird landing very close to us, but lucky for us the dogs got to pick up the short one first so Rebel was out and back before I knew it. He certainly remembered where the long mark was, nailed the distance very well. Yah first run completed. Run 2 - a mark double rise and only the second time we have done one in a trial. First we had to get over some logs on the way to the firing point, just in front of us a fallen tree with the roots blocking our view, a little rise, then the dogs went down in a gully, up the other side to find their bird in some thick trees. Always seems a lot longer than it really is when you can see your dog once it goes over the rise, but did not he had the bird as I saw the steward going out to put out the double rise. Sure enough in no time at all this head pops over the rise with this birdy.  Off to get the double rise, for what ever reason he went off to the right a bit, so called him back and got him to sit and gave the back command and off he went. Took him a little while longer to find that one, but he got it, so very pleased, run 2 completed. After we had all run we were allowed to check out the gully, certainly not a little one, leaving us there was a better entry down the steep bank, but not so on the other side, would have been rather difficult for then getting up and down there. So I was extra pleased with his efforts.  Run 3 - a mark and a blind. We had to scramble down a steepish bank leaving the dogs up the top in a wait while we fired at the blind, reloaded then called our dogs down, turned faced the other direction to fire at the mark just in front of then was the steep bank with the mark going away from us into a very wooded area. Mark was first to be picked up and Rebel did a terrific job and was back rather quickly. So then lined him up for the blind which was also the water run, so yes had to swim to get to the grassy bank where the bird was behind some logs well out of sight. Tempting was the bank to run on the other side, and even though he was lined up for the water, he went but swam to the right and got out on the bank, so then it was time to see how well our stop to the whistle was going to be and how well he would take direction.  Couple of false goes, but decided to call him back to me and get him to sit on the little bit grass between me and the river, I could have run and out kissed him, I blew the whistle maybe a little too soon because he planted his bum in the water and this front feet were on the bit of grass. Good boy.  Gave him a nice strong back and bugger me off down the river he went, up on to the grass and found his bird and on his way back.  Judge said he did that beautifully and shame he did not do that to start with.  I am not sure who had the biggest smile on their face me or Rebel, we were both very happy.  Yippee first time we had completed a restricted and we finished in 4th place.  It was just so great that he had his ears turned on and we got some nice sits to the whistles and directions. GOOD BOY. 

26/5/12 - At the West Coast Rottweiler Club today we entered our second Rally O trial. Rebel put in some very nice work to get his second pass with a score of 96/100. Good boy Rebel.

5/5/12  - Midland Dog Training Club run our states first Rally Obedience trial today, Rebel was entered in novice and did some fabulous work to get his first pass with a score of 95/100.  Is there no end to this boys talents way to go Rebel.

15/4/12 -  Today was our first Novice Retrieving trial for the 2012 season run by the Labrador Club of WA and judge for the day Ms Elly Johnson. Morning started off cool which was good for the first run which went out into a open area. Firing line in amoung some saplings which seem to distract a few of the dogs when it came to marking the bird down and coming back into the firing line, but not Rebel, he did a nice line out into the open area and just ducking of to the right a little to go behind the thick shrubs and grasses to get his bird which had landed in some thick grass behind that. In no time at all he was pushing through the bushs with bird in mouth, yipee our first bird and a great run. Run 2 was a bit of an test of being able to stay on your feet as we heeled our dogs from the start flag to the firing line, down a sleep bank covered in grasses and bits of logs etc, however we made it all in one piece and Rebel keeping in heel position. Then once sent he had to go down a short drop into thick grass and some bushes, down into the river, out the other side up a hill to a area of very thick tall dried grasses, but a terrific line all the way and back the same way. I heard the judge say to the steward as he was nearly back "a very nice run" which I had thought so also. Run 3 our water run, while we had to get down another bank we were doing so with our dogs still on the leed, to get to a small area of raised land to the start flags, from the firing line they had to do down into some splashing water, up a bit of a bank and over a very large fallen log to retrieve their birds from the river behind. Another terrific run. At presentations Rebel had got a perfect score for his first run, 2 run was equal second top score and 3rd run equal 1st top score, so he had a great day. Judges comments at presentation that he was the only who had done a great job at marking his birds and judgeing the distrance perfectly. So  you can imagine how excited I was when we were awarded 1ST PLACE, and this third win now give Rebel his NRD (Novice Retrieving Dog) TITLE. Extremely proud of Rebel, now we are off to play in Restricted. 

25/3/12 - Wow what a fabulous surprise we had today when at the Flat Coated Retriever Association's AGM, Rebel not only was awarded the 2011 NOVICE RETRIEVING DOG OF THE YEAR but also 2011 RETRIEVING DOG OF THE YEAR.  Finishing of the fabulous season that we had at retrieving last year.  Excellent results for only a season and a half of trialling. WooHoo Rebel. 

                                     A proud Rebel with his trophies.


3/9/11 - Today was our last trial for the 2011 season, held by the Labrador Retriever Club of WA and our judge for the day Mr Richard Courtman. We actually ended up with a bit of a sleep in as this was being held close to home at Brookleigh at Upper Swan. We were first up today, so I think it added to the nerves even more, well for me, sure it made no difference to Rebel. Nice long mark for their first run following a fence line which had a break in it just before a bend, bit of a temptation to go in, but not Rebel, following it around and right on the bird, shame about the pee stop on the way back. Our second run out into an open area, with patches of tall grasses to get through, with the bird landing behind a row of tress, beautiful line out and he choose to go a little to the right of the trees but got his bird and on his way back in no time. Our last run for the day a water run, when we went to check the trial throw, my heart was a bit in my mouth, when I saw the deep descent into the river, but first he had to get over a low fence and some fallen trees, thought for sure he will look for an easier way around. The sighting of the bird not great as there were heaps of trees in front of us, so the bird whizzed over the top and landing on a bit of a island in thick cover. To my amazement, Rebel was off over the fence and trees and down in the water in no time at all, could see a little bit of the swim over the river which was flowing rather fast. Did see a little flash of liver as he hunted in the tall grass for the bird, then could not see him, next thing I heard a plash as he hit the water and before I knew it I saw a spray of water coming of his wagging tial as he got back over the trees to deliver his bird. As the judge inspected the he told me what a great job he had done. Rebel and Lucas equal top scored this run.  Final result we PLACED 3RD.

To say this is our first full season as we started half way through last season, I am just amazed how well Rebel has done, especially as it is a big learning curve for me also. All our competition have been running in novice a lot long then us and while the dogs are novice, most have very experienced handlers to I am EXTREMELY PROUD of Rebel.    Heaps of training over summer and we will be looking forward to the challenges of next years season. 



27/8/11 - A new trial area today, Kartine Rd, Toodyay, while the morning started a bit foggy and cool, it turned into a beautiful day. Once again very pleased with Rebel's work today and very impressed as now he has the confidence just to go into the thick bush and not look for a clearer way around.  The water swim was into a very fast flowing river and he really had to swim hard to catch the bird that was floating away. Rebel lined himself up and my allowances for it floating off to the right and did a beautiful line out and back.  He was 1 point behind the place getters and we finished in fourth place. 

23/8/11 - Today we were off the the GSP's Novice Stake at Beverley, a beautiful day with a nice cool breeze and forecast for 25c degrees. Rebel did some terrific runs, the first one had the bird landing at the far end of a field in a dip just before some trees, great for the dogs to be able to stretch their legs first up.  Second run had the bird landing over some water and way up a hill, my view of the bird blocked by some trees, but sure the dogs go a view of it landing, Rebel ended up going up the hill to the left of the bird but the breeze played its part and he was on the right side of it and caught the smell on the breeze and was soon off to pick it up. Our last run was threw some tall reeds, a swim across the river, up on a island then into the water again and the bird had landed quite close to the bank on the far side of the second lot of water. Rebel did a fabulous line out, I was standing on my tip toes to see if I could see him in the second part of the swim but no, but in no time at all I saw him getting back onto the island, raced over into the water and was soon delivering the bird, boy I was impressed. Beautiful line both out and on the return. They were then going to do the first run of Restricted before we moved for lunch and the next two runs.  However, before that would start we were informed there was to be a run off as two dogs had equal scores and as it was for placing it had to be decided by a run off. Much to my surprise Rebel was one of the dogs. After a rather long walk we arrived in the area for the deciding run. A mark going up behind some very tall trees which were on the other side of the river, the bird landing on a patch of green, sure hoped Rebel was going to get a good look. We were second to do it, and he did a fabulous job of the retrieved, but not sure if I was a little nervous or not but we had a couple of goes at getting into the right position at the firing line and that cost us a couple of points and we PLACED 2ND.  Still extremely happy as he had done a terrific job all day. At presentations when the judge was giving us a break down of the runs she said on the last run a dog almost prefect scored the run and turns out its was Rebel as he only lost 1 point on his water run. How good was that, very clever boy.   


2/7/11 - Oh my goodness, at the ANRTC Novice Stake today Rebel put in some very nice work and impressed our judge Mrs K. Webster to finish again in 1st PLACE. We travelled to Spencer Brook today such a beautiful spot on the river and after all the rain in the last week the river was up, flowing fast and strong.  He topped scored both the 1st ( on 59)and 2nd ( on 60) runs and second highest score on the 3rd with a 60, all out of a possible 65, so he is not putting too many paws wrong.  Very talented boy. 

 ANRTC Novice Stake winners with judge.

26/6/11 - Another early morning start, left home at 5am to travel to the Lavender Farm at Toodyay, for the Gun Dog Club of W.A novice retrieving stake.  Our judge today was Mrs Maggie Hankinson who set up some great runs for our novice dogs.  Best part I think was we got a great view of our dogs working in the field for most of their runs.  Rebel did 3 fabulous runs to finish the trial in 1ST PLACE.  Can't tell you how proud of was of his work, gave 100%, clever boy.  Interesting thing was this is the same trial that we started our Retrieving career at last year, so going extremely well for his first completed year of trialling. 

5/6/11 - Today we had 2 Novice trials, most unusal and it was a 5 am start to our day for the drive north of Perth to a country town called Mugumba, on a beautiful private property.  In the morning trial Rebel did a great job of the first two runs, but the third run he had difficulty with.  Really dont think he had a good sighting of the bird, and neither did I as I shot long after it wizzed over, so that was us out.

However, in the afternoon trial we had no problems with any of the runs and he put in some really nice work.  While the sun was shinning the wind was freezing cold and blew all day so once we had finished it was into the warm car, heater on and the long drive home.  It was later I found out that we had finished 3rd, so another good result for Rebel. 

 15/5/11 - Thank goodness a retrieving trial closer to home, only 45 minute trip today to attend the Labrador Retriever Club of WA Novice Stake. Our Judge today was Mr Richard Courtman.  Trial was held at Brookley and while I have been there before Rebel had not, so somewhere different to trial. Please to report that Rebel once again did some very nice work and on all 3 runs was in the top 3 highest scoring dogs. Proud to say we finished in 3rd Place, lets hope our good luck continues.  Way to go Rebel. 

25/4/11 - This morning we up very early for the 2 hour drive to a country town called Arthur River where ANRTC were holding our second retrieving trial of the season.  Under judges Mrs Maggie Hankinson and Mrs Kerry Webster we certainly got some very challenging runs, as there is not much ground cover due to lack of rain they used the terrain. First run of the day had the firing flags with the wall of a dam right in front so dogs first challenge was to get over that, once over that we could not see our dogs until their heads popped back over the wall. My heart was thumping away and it seemed like he was out there for hours, when it was only a few minutes, but a big relief when he returned with his bird. Top scored this run so that was very exciting.  Next was the water run which was down a bank then a longish swim to the other side to get his bird, did a great line there and back. 3rd run had a interesting heel free between the flags but managed to get up the bank without any misshaps. On the way out to the bird was a huge log for them to get over, as I have not done any jumping with Rebel he went around, so lost points there for not going in a straight line, which then put him a bit off the mark but he worked it back and found his bird. Once again extremely pleased with his work.  Finished in 2ND PLACE, WooooHooo Rebel.  2 Placings in 2 trials.


17/4/11 - Well over the summer we have been relaxing a bit with all the training, mainly going swimming and having a nice break.  A little bit of obedience and then about 2 months ago started back into the retrieving training meeting up with Iain McDonald who has been fabulous at getting us started off on some of the other more complicated retrieves we will need in the higher classes.

Today was our first novice trial for the start of the 2011 season, held at Upper Swan in Perth, so not far to travel for our first trial back.  Weather still rather warm and with a few spots of rain turned into a rather humid day.

Rebel did some wonderful work today, nice heel work between the flags over some very rough ground, steady waiting to be sent after the shot, straight out not over running the birds and back again with very nice delivery. In his 3 runs only lost 5 points giving him a total of 190 and 3rd PLACE . WooHoo Rebel.   Looking forward to seing how he goes for the rest of the season. 

After the show and before his swim on 27/11/10

27/11/10 - It has been more than 12 months since Rebel and I have been showing but today we ventured off to the Wanneroo Agricultural Society CH show. One of the most enjoyable shows I have been to, with the rings scattered around the big shady trees giving it a very relaxed atmosphere. Please to say Rebel got the Dog Challenge and BOB, even though he was a little naughty as the judge was going over him, he kept moving so he would see around the judge as he was watching the horses jumping not far from us. It was rather warm by the time we had finshed so we took them off for a swim in the lake on the way home.  Boy did Rebel and Tika have heaps of fun together, with a few ducks on the lake for distraction.


28/8/10 - Trackwest Dog Club tracking trial today and Rebel was entered for this Test 7. Forecast to be a warm day, much warmer than we have been getting and they were right, very hot.   Our track right out in the open with lots of things to get over, go around, a lot of sand with very little shade. However I am extremely happy and proud to say that he passed, making him a TRACKING CHAMPION.  This added to his show title now makes him DUAL CH CASBLAIDD MONDAY'S REBEL (IMP UK) QND.  Way to go Rebel and only 27th months of age. To say this was our first season at retrieving I certainly could not be more pleased with how Rebel has done. A big challenge for us both as this was my first time at trialing so looking forward to seeing what 2011 will bring.

Now the tracking and retrieving seasons over for this year, so now its time to put in some training on the oval for our retriever and brush off the cob webs on our obedience and perhaps enter a few trials over the summer. 

 Rebel with the dumbbell.

22/8/10 - German Shorthaired Pointer Clubs retrieving trial also held at Spencer Brook with Mrs Maggie Hankinson our judge. Our first run the dog had a chance to stretch their legs, with Rebel doing a terrific job and getting the second highest score of 61 out of a possible 65, only 2 behind the top scorer. Woo Hoo Rebel.  Our other 2 runs were nice long runs for the dogs and once again Rebel completed all runs.  This was his 5th qualifying and his first retrieving title of QUALIFYING NOVICE DOG (QND) and as it was our last trial for this season a fabulous note to end on. 

15/8/10 - Labrador Clubs retrieving trial was held at Spencer Brook with Judge Ray Johnson, so set a very tricky first mark. Just left of a gully which sucked all the dogs into going do there instead of going off to the right for a very short mark. The next two runs the dogs really got to stretch their legs and Rebel did a great job of the second run.  On the third which was over 2 lots of water, he looks for a bit easier way back and lost most of his points there but finished in 5th place with our best score yet.  Nice and steady to shot, even waiting while I broke the gun, so came away very happy. 

1/8/10 - The Retriever Club run another training day out at Beverley.  Heather Ellis was our trainer today. Heather is one of our states top handlers so we came away with heaps of information and things to work on. Thank you Heather. 

25/7/10 - Yes off again in the dark, this time heading for Crossman, a country town about 100 Km south of Perth, for another retrieving trial. Under judge Mrs Maggie Hankinson we achieved 3 more completed runs.  First one was a real test of control between the start and firing line flags with a couple of metres of heel work, good boy stayed in place very well. Did a good line out to the bird which had landed about 100 metres from us, with a big ditch before going up a bit of a hill to get the bird. Second run was also a bit tricky with the heel between the flags a bit of agility involved here where we had to go in a L shape over logs, under tree to end of perched on the very edge of a dam. It was very steep decline into and back out the other side for the dogs, not something Rebel has experienced before, but did it well, finding his bird over the other side and down a bit of a slop, out of sight of us handlers.  Always great to see their heads pop up with the bird. Run 3 was our water run, this also was a test of control with the heel free between the flags going over a low wire fence then down a slop to the edge of the dam nearly. I elected to heel straight over the fence hoping he would not break heel position which he didn't, he was terrific. In the water were all these dead tree sticking up all over the place, check out the photo below.  Not something Rebel has come across before and was a little unsure about where to get in the water and ended up running the bank a bit to find a place more in line with the bird.  I was surprised he still remembered where it was, but once in the water did a great line out and back to the bird with a great delivery. Pleased to say that of 2 of the 3 runs was very steady waiting to be sent after I shot the gun, so getting better with each test.  Once again very pleased with his work.



10 & 11 July 10 - WOW We sure have had another terrific weekend. On Sturday Rebel was entered for his Test 6 at tracking with judge Mrs Lynne Jooste.  1200 metres,  an acute corner, 3 articles, Kangaroos to ignore but pleased to say we passed.  That test now gives Rebel his Tracking Dog Excellent title (TDX).

Then on Sunday morning we were up well before the sun to head off to our 3rd retrieving trial held at Lavender Farm at Toodyay. Another freezing cold morning with a bit of rain and patches of sun to warm us up. Some great runs for the dogs and very pleased to say once again Rebel completed all 3 runs. Still left a little quickly after I shot the gun, well except on the last one where I got in his face and used my "your in trouble" voice and he sat very steady for the water run.  Seeing the water is a bit of a temptation as he loves to swim so getting him steady there was great. 

27/6/10 - We sure had a busy weekend, because Rebel and I left home just before 5.30 am today to travel over 100 Km to a country town east of Perth called Toodyay as Rebel was entered in his first Novice Retrieving trial.

Freezing cold when we arrived at -4 degrees so we were  very pleased when the sun decided to come out and warm us up a little.  Our dogs have to sit in a hide so they cant see the other dogs running but the excitment mounts as they hear the gun doing off, they know what is happending and are quite excited by the time its their turn.   We were dog No 5, first run on the land, single mark about 100 metres away, beautiful sit and wait while I fired at the bird, broke then gun them sent him off.  Straight out and back, had a pee on the way in naughtly boy and came around the side of the flag and me being very nervous did not turn to face him before he hopped into heel position. I should have turned so he could do a front present, so we both lost us some points there.  Run 2 in a different area, off the land, into paddling water, back on land, into some deeper water then on land and up a hill. He was so keen to go he actually left without being sent and I dont think he marked the bird down very well, while he had no problems with the two lots of water (which quite a few of the dogs did) he overshot where the bird had landed and was hunting back of where it had landed.  Must say he did not give up and had been working a while and I did not want him to struggle in his first trial so asked if I could call him in.  Judge said wait while I asked the thrower if the bird had gone down a hole, but no it hadn't it had just landed on the edge of the hill and he had not come that far forward.  Then the judge was very nice and told the thrower to give the bird to Rebel to bring in, said it was just really bad luck he had not found it as he had gone in a beautiful line to it. So that was us out, but very proud of him on our first trial and looking forward to the next one. 

26/6/10 - Got up to a very cold morning to head off to our Tracking trail. Rebel was on first at 9.15 with Judge Mrs Sue Fletcher.  I would have to say it sure was not his best work, he discovered the delights of Kangaroo poo, something he has never bothered about before, and was a bit more interested in that than following the tracklayer.  However, he did manage to concentrate on the job at hand long enough to find his articles and the tracklayer at the end to pass.  Yipee - passed his Test 5.

30/5/10 -  Over the last month we have been rather busy, with a return to tracking and putting in time with our retrieving.  As usual Rebel has taken it all in his stride and is coming along very nicely, and we are both enjoying the new challenges.  On Friday I met up with Anne to do some water retrieves to build up his confidence, well Mr Caution as left at home and Mr Dare Devil came to training, he had a great time.   After training he had a run and swim with Anne's two Goldie girls, Ella leading the way with Holly and Rebel very close behind.  Then it was Rebel turn to lead the girls astray by showing them the finer points of mud puddles, needless to say Anne and I kept our distance from the flying mud and made sure it was washed of in the river before getting back in the cars. 

24/4/10 - Today we were up at 4am for a nearly 2 hour drive to a country town called Toodyay as Rebel and I were entered in our first Retriever trial. A bit nervous as I had gone for broke and entered both the L-Plate (dummies) and Novice (birds).  Have to say I was so proud of Rebel, there were a few things he had not done before but as usual just took it all in his stride. First up sitting in a hide with the other dogs, waiting his turn, in a strange place but as you can see by the photo about he was quite happy.

First run on some rather large pebbles over a little bit of a stream to retrieve a dummy. We start off at the green flags with the gun streward taking our lead and handing me the gun and shot, we heeled toward the red flags (firing line) and dog has to sit steady while you load and fire the gun, not to move until the dummy hits the ground and you send.  We did 2 more run, one along a river (thought he might have gone for a swim but no) and the last one with the dummy landing in the water for a short swim for the dogs to retrieve. He complete all 4 runs and while there are things still to work on I was extremely pleased of how well he did and much to my surprise got 1ST PLACE.

Novice trial next and this a little harder, also with birds, first run up a hill out of sight of us handlers, search in long dry grass for a BIRD, and huge relief when I saw him heading back over the hill with the bird.  Run2 was down a dry river bed with a small mound for them to go over and round a bend for the bird.  All done very well.   Run 3 was a retrieve in the water and unfortunate for Rebel his sent in behind a huge pile of rubble and we think he got caught on something as he got spooked and while he was looking at the bird would not go in again, so we called him in.  However after the last dog had finished they put another bird in the water (where it should have landed in the first place) for Rebel to go and get and no problems at all.

While we still have heaps of stuff to learn I would have to say I was extremely proud of how well he did and looks very promising for the future. 


3/4/10 - Rebel and I were off before 6am today to a retrieving (gundog) trial, I had offered to help if Rebel could come and lisen to the guns going off, not been near gun fire before.  Not a problem they said, and as a thank you to a couple of us helpers arranged for extra shot and birds so we could have a go with our young dogs after the trial. I helped on the 1st and 2nd run but on the 3rd I was allowed to sit about 15 metres away from the firing line with Rebel.  I was most impressed not bother by the noise of the guns going off at all, he was keen watching the birds go up and a couple of times nearly pulled me off my chair as he thought he should be off picking up the birds.  

Once they had completed the last run we returned to camp and then they set up the thrower and gun for Rebel and Holly, Anne's young Goldie.  Started with Jean a few feet in front of us firing the gun at the dummies going up, boy was he keen to be going to retrieve something at long last. Next we were next to Jean, same thing, no problems and Kerry was there to keep her eye on the dogs but she said neither was worried one little bit.  Then my turn to fire the gun with Rebel in heel position, did a beautiful wait to be sent and he was off. Very nice sit in front to present the dummies, most impressed.  Then we tried what happens at trials, where you start off a few metres from the firing point, hand over the dogs lead, you are given the gun, heel forward to the firing flags, dog sits and waits while you fire, sent and once again a very nice sit in front to present, I about turn and we heeled back to the gun steward, hand over the gun and dummy and I get the lead back.  Jean said he was just terrific, cant tell you how proud I was off him, did a fabulous job being the first time with a gun going off.

31/3/10 - What an exciting day it has turned out to be.  I was informed today by the Flat Coated Retriever Association Australia that Rebel was awarded its the TOP DUAL PURPOSE DOG FOR 2009.  Certainly caps off a wonderful year for my very special boy.

29/3/10 - Over the last couple of weeks we have been attending the Retriever Club training days where we have been having heaps of fun learning the exercises required to help us when we want to enter retrieving trials.  Rebel has also got to met quite a few other dogs and after training has finished they have all had a swim in the Swan River.  I am extremely proud of how well he is going and it sure has paid off spending time doing obedience first.  I even think his tracking skills have helped as well. I think very exciting times are ahead for this very special boy. Below is a photo of the beautiful spot we have been going training. There have been heaps of distractions with ducks, huges flocks of Cockatoo's, Geese, Sea Guls and not to mention all the boats going up and down the river. 


20/2/10 - Well, Rebel was in his first obedience trial last night, in the beginners class of Community Companion Dog (CCD), while he didnt pass it had some really great pieces of work in there to build on.  A little distracted at times which caused him to loose some points and he missed 1 sit position in the slow pace, but scored 22/30. For the "Stand for Examination" he got a perfect score of 10/10,   excellent.  However his recall was his undoing, we heeled forward and where he should have sat in heel position for what ever reason (not paying attention maybe) he decided to come around and sit in front, while the judge told me then to leave my dog, I decided I did not want him facing the wrong way to be called and I asked to start that exercise again so that was a fail.  I dont do "stays"  if my dog in not on a pass so that was us for the night, but really thrilled to bits with his first attempt. 

15/1/10 - We have been off doing some more Gundog training, now we are working on blinds and on 8/1/10 Rebel got to his first ever double mark and did very well.

More work on obedience and over the Christmas holidays I decided to spend some time training Rebel on "scent Discrimination articles", my goodness he sure has pick this up very quickly. Yesturday while out training with Anne and her Goldie's Anne offered to put out the articles for us, and he did extremely well for the first attempt with the added distraction with a person putting them out for us, now I know that he certainly knows what he is doing as we had our back to the pile while Anne added the "scented" articles.

We had a few more distractions as well as a flock of Pink and Grey Galah's were having a feed of insects on the oval.



11/12/09 - We were off having our 2nd Gundog lesson today, in a different area to last week which is great for the dogs to get use to working in these different places.

I dusted the cobwebs off my Bumper boy and it came out of the box for the very first time.  The night before I did try Rebel with the dummies it tosses up as they are very different from out usual ones, complete with streamers, but as usual they were not a problem for him.

Today Rebel got some very long runs and for added distraction Maggie had brought another of her puppies - Spirit someone he had not met before. Also because the Bumper Boy is remote controled we have Maggie and Spirit right along side us working as well.  First couple of time Rebel wanted to go with Spirit to help her so it was just as well I had a very firm grip on his lead. Once again he put in some really nice runs and ignored the Magpie's who had come to watch. Terrific morning and the dogs worked really well.



4/12/09 - Boy did Rebel and I have some fun today, we left home early this morning to have a Retrieving lesson (Gundog work) with Maggie.  I have not been game to do much in this as I am very novice at it and did not want to mess him around. 

Well not sure if Maggie would agree  but I thought Rebel was terrific, to say I have only done short retrieves where I would leave him in a wait and walk out to put the dummies out, ones tossed up by the thrower was a whole different thing and at a different place to boot with horse poo etc. He was not bad on the wait either, think I got one where he went before I sent him and I was not sending soon as the dummy hit the ground either.
First one he went out to get it but came back via Maggie and a visit to Eva(lab puppy), delivery went out the window a bit, but Maggie said not to worry about it today just too many different things for him.  To encourage him not to dilly around I ran back calling and he was fine.
Third one was terrific out and back nice and fast, really great.
Eva did some stuff, then we move position so Rebel got to run over some different surfaces, bit of a track and back onto grass. I was thinking for the first one we might have been a bit far away, and between us and the dummy was a white plastic thing, which he went to first and then forgot what he was looking for so went to visit Maggie. LOL   So moved closer and he was great, not bothered about the different surfaces, so then back to the first place, he went out and back very well, thrilled to bits and Maggie said he was great on that one.
Then we moved to the dam, complete with high grass to get through and heaps of ducks, not something he has had before, first run think it was a bit far out on the water and had to go past the ducks (probably 20 of them), distracted and forgot what he was doing. LOL   So we sent Eva for that one.
Then I just tossed one close in the water and he was fine, so back to one with the thrower and aimed a bit closer to us and even with a quick glance at the ducks he went out and back very well.
Maggie said he did very well for his first time and lots of new stuff and in an area he has not been to before.
He also sat nice and quiet while Eva was working, but he was watching like a hawk.
I was really thrilled to bits with him, he did very well, very exciting, clever boy.   I thought I might go back on Sunday to the dam for a couple of short runs in and out the water to give him a bit more confidence.


28/11/09 - Thought it was time to do a little update.   Tracking season has finished for the year, so now we are back to working more on obedience and swimming. A couple of weeks ago I thought I would try Rebel at the doggie pool, only ten minutes from home where its a 40 minute drive to the beach.  Put him in with Selsdon the first time and in no time at all he was off down the pool retrieving the dummy. He is the only one who likes to push off from the ramp, Selsdon and Taylor always swim off from the step.

Obedience is going really well, and we are both enjoying the challenges. Started doing stays and on Wednesday night he was going really well sat next to his best friend Jed (Joyce's Lab) then Joyce got Oscar (also his best friend) out for distraction, and boy was he a distraction, but I guess it is a bit hard not to be tempted to play when Oscar was right in his face jumping around.

 Next Friday we are going to have a lesson in Retrieving (Gundog work) so I am really looking forward to that. I have only been doing littles bits with him as I dont really know alot and I done want to mess him up.  He will come very nicely to the whistle (thanks to Jo) and is waiting to be sent to retrieve so the basics are coming along great.  

I have decided its also time to treach him some tricks, and we are currently working on spins and shaking paws.


 Rebel at the pool on 27/11/09.

29/8/09 - He is done it again, today Rebel was entered in his fourth tracking trial for a Test 4 with Mrs Sue Fletcher and he passed with a grading of GOOD.  Not his best work, but very hard when a mob of Kangaroos have danced all over your track.  I am sure they smell a lot better than a boring human.  Looking forward to attempting Test 5 in a couple of weeks. 

8/8/09 - What an exciting day I had today. Rebel was entered in his 3rd tracking trial for his Test 3 with Judge Mrs Sue Fletcher.  Not only did he pass but with flying colours with a grading of EXCELLENT but it was also his last pass for his first working title of TRACKING DOG, so now TD will appear after his name. Just so very proud of my special boy, he is going so well for such a young dog not yet 15 months old. 

A cuddle after passing our Test 3 .

  25/7/09 - WooHoo for Rebel as today he was entered in his second tracking trial and under judge Mrs Valeta Pethrick Passed his Test 2 with a grading of Good.   He overshot one of his corners but the rest was just beautiful and article indication just fabulous. Really thrilled with his work. Read more about it on the Tracking page.  

11/7/09 - Well what an exciting day we have had.  Rebel was entered in his first tracking trial.  I had originally entered Taylor but due to an injury withdrew her and put Rebel in, just to see how we were going with our training.  While I thought it was terrific, its always different on trial day as they are no flags to help you if you get a bit lost and confused.  

 It turned out to be a good decission even though I was very nervous at the start but he worked it all out very well and he now has his first pass towards his first working title of "Tracking Dog".  Full details of how he went on the tracking page. Looking forward to our next test in a couple of weeks.


15/6/09 - We have had a full on doggie weekend, tracking training for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Monday) and obedience training on Sunday morning, bet the dogs are glad I have gone to work today. Must say going tracking a couple of times a week sure is starting to pay off, and Rebel is working very well and each time you can see is confidence growing. We took a little video yesterday and hope to get it up loaded onto the website tonight, so check it out and see how he is going.

He was terrific at obedience on Sunday and working very well with the distractions of all the other dogs around him. Maybe its was the roast lamb treats that did the trick what every it is good that is working.

31/5/09 - Well what an exciting day, Rebel went in the show ring, just needing 1 point to finish off his show Championship title.  Under New Zealand judge Mrs J Hamilton he got the dog challenge points and his title so he is now CH Casblaidd Mondays Rebel. WooHoo Rebel.  Very good for such a young dog at the tender age of 1 year and 20 days.  I never thought in my wildest dreams would he get is title so quickly and not once was he refused the challenge.  Very pleasing when a variety of judges from all over thought that he was good enough. We have showed under our local Perth judges, judges from most states of Australia, including  Queensland,New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Also International judges from Canada (3) and New Zealand. We will probably ease off the showing for awhile and concentrate his Tracking Training as that is a very short season and he seams to be picking this up very well. They will probably see us back in the show ring more during summer. Looking forward to our new challenges ahead.

23/5/09 - We were off tracking training again this morning, and while I have letting Rebel see the tracklayer leave, decided today he would not watch and just start with a article, thinking if it was too hard I could help a bit at the start.

I made sure he got a good nose full of scent and pointed to the ground and asked him to find, so to start with, but you could see him getting more confident with each step.. (like he was saying I know what I am doing) and he only stopped once on the first leg to have a look around. Then we came to our first right angle corner (had only been on curves) with the track going to the left and it ran up a sand track to help keep the scent. He crossed over (over shot) the corner just by a couple of feet, put his head up, so I gave him a bit more lead while I backed up a bit, he came back onto the sand track but went about a meter to the right, no, track did not go down there, then he came around behind me and over to the left and picked up the track, clever boy. Then he was off, a couple of times he went to the fringe of the scent pad but very quick to come back on the track. Founds both his articles on the tracks and boy did his pace increase as he got closer to the tracklayer. WooHoo Rebel did a very good job and with only a little bit of help from me at the start ..... very pleased.

14/5/09 - Well its hard to believe that Rebel is now 1 year old, where has that year gone? I probably wished 4 months of it away, waiting on him to come and live with me.

We have working away at his Showing title and we are getting there. Also spending a fair amount of time training at obedience which is coming along very nicely. Keeps a very nice heel position, sit is automatic when we stop less of course he has been asked to stand ( a work in progress) or drop (which is nice and quick). We are working up to him heeling off lead, currently the lead is still attached but tucked into his collar and he is still keeping position. Stand for Examination is getting there also, standing while Joyce (who I train with mostly) can now run her hand over him without him moving and I can walk around him back to the heel position without him sitting. Recall is nice and fast and I have to watch he does not knock me off my feet. Just starting to work on the stays for both sit and drop.  All in all I think he is coming along very nicely with me trying not to get too carried away and race ahead to quickly.  On Sunday I am going to take him to my old dog club for some distraction training, as I think now we have the basics its time to test it with alot of other dogs around. Hopefully I will get chance to take some updated photos as well.

He has also started tracking and I think he is going to be nice and steady. We are both really enjoying our training.

26/4/09 - Last week we started back at tracking, and Rebel got to do a couple of beginner tracks, and I was very please to see him putting his nose down, guess it a bit hard me saying "find" and he does not really have a clue who or what it is he is finding.  However, this week I got our trainer to make it a bit easier on the beginner dogs and then Rebel knew who he was finding. Also much to my surpriseon the track were some scent articles, and WOOHOO Rebel as he found and picked it up, so we had a little party and set him off again and low and behold he found another one, another party then off to find the tracklayer hiding behind a tree.  Really thrilled with him, he did a great job for only his 2nd lesson. In the video section you will find the video we took of him working his track, check it out.

19/4/09 - Gee I am getting slack, another 2 months have gone by and not updated again.  We are slowly working away at our obedience and in the video section there is a short clip of him training, a work in progress but coming along well, the attention needs heaps more work, but he is just so interested in verything that is going on around him, a nosey Flat Coat, how unusual .

Yesterday was our first day back at tracking training, bit humid and thunder going on but the rain held off until after we had almost finished. Rebel "found" his first person, Michael hiding in the bush, bit hard to a beginner puppy but with a little help he did very well, he thought he was the ants pants as well. We did 4 little tracks and I was just surprised how well he did, so we are looking forward to next week.  He slept on the way home in the car, all that excitment.

More detailed description of the tracks he did are in the "Tracking News 2009" page if you would like to check it out.


11/2/09 - My goodness its almost 4 months since I last updated Rebel's page and tomorrow he will be 9 Months old, where has the time gone.

He is growing into a very handsome boy as you can see by the photo above and the ones in his photo album.  While we are waiting on the tracking season to start again on 18th April Rebel and I have been passing our time in the show ring where his challenge points are adding up, currently on 49, almost half way to his Championship title. Very please with him, as couple of weeks ago he got BOB (Best of Breed) over a bitch who is 18 months old, so he is holding his own.

He is also coming along great with his obedience training, and while it took awhile to get the drop on the move, that is now fabulous (well most times  ). More work needed on attention, so hard to concentrate when there is allot of other stuff going on around him, but we are getting there.


19/10/08 - Another warm day had been forecast so I had decided to take Rebel on his own to the beach for the first time to see how he would go. So I got up early and headed off to Kwinana Beach were the water is calm and there are no sudden drops, good place to introduce your dog to the water. Started off with him on the lead but he was more than happy to get in the shallow water and was splashing around having a great time, so off came the lead.  I had taken a little foat toy for him to play with and he was having a terrific time, even went in a bit deeper. Not long after we were joined by a couple of people with a Lab and a Jack Russell, the Lab was swimming out retrieving a piece of wood, so who decided to go join in, yes.... Rebel. Before we knew it he was swimming after the Lab and he was just fabulous.  I am sure I got a bigger shock than Rebel did, that he was off and swimming and as usual taking it all in his stide. He enjoyed himself thats for sure even doing the Flat Coat fishing thing of putting his head under the water.   A terrific time was had by all. Check out the little video and the photos taken.


18/10/08 - Well today we went to visit my friend Maggie and her 3 Labs Candy, Guinness and Glory for some pointers in starting our Gundog training or Retriever Training as we call it here in Australia.  Rebel got to do a couple of very easy retrieves but then Glory strutted her stuff and showed us a bit more advance things. Rebel was very keen to be out there helping Glory to pick up the dummies. Part of it was basic blinds and when we had finished Maggie had left a couple of dummies on the blind furtherest away from us. Not thinking much about it I let Rebel off the lead to have a play with Glory, but he was more interested in checking out the dummies which had been left out. While they were much bigger and heavier than anything he had picked up before he did not let that stop him and sure enough back to Maggie and I with the first one.  Much excitment on my part, big cuddles and lots of telling him he was a good boy and he was off to get the other one. 

So while we cant do much else we know about blinds. We have a fabulous morning and leaned heaps of stuff, just a case of putting it all into practice now.

 12/10/08 - Rebel gets Best Baby in Group at the Fremantle Dog Club open show - judge Mrs J. Soltoggio. This was his very first show, entered more for me to practice. At the second show run by the Stewards Association of WA the judge was Ms. J. Chivers and she gave me some useful handling tips and after the show came to find me to say what a lovely boy Rebel is and that I should do very well with him.

4/10/08 - No tracking today, just a beautiful breakfast out in the bush to mark the end of our training season. However, Rebel got to meet heaps more people and their dogs, couple not so friendly so we kept well away from them. Before comming home he had a nice run in the bush with Selsdon and Taylor, he just loves being out there with us which is just terrific. Nice that he also comes when called and always a treat waiting.

27/9/08 - Tracking Lesson No 2, and he was great today, we did much the same as the week before but made the tracks a little longer. The last one was up a little bit of a hill and as I was laying the track I noticed a article someone else had left behind just over to the right, so left it there to see what he would do. Placed his toy to find and back to get him and started off really well, putting his nose down a few times, yes he found the sock, sniffed it and left it there - good boy and off to find his toy. Then he noticed someone had left a tennis ball (which I missed) just over to the left of the track so he went over to check it out and I thought for sure he would pick it up, but no he decided that was not what he was looking for either and went off to get his toy. Very pleased so heaps of treats and a good play and finished on that good note.

20/9/08 - It was time for the first tracking lesson today, just very basic stuff but he did really well. Starting to put his nose down over a very short distance and making it lots of fun.  Check out the video we took on the video page.

14/9/08 - Rebel was 4 months old on Friday and its like he has lived with us all his life. Taylor now thinks he is a bit of alright and they are getting on very well together, one, big happy family. We had our first show training lesson last Tuesday and all went well. Today there were some specialised breeds shows on and being in our undercover area, I thought I would take him along to get use the noise of the dogs, people etc, took heaps of treats and he was very happy, he got to say hello to heaps of people and some of their dogs.

8/9/08 - Well the day has finally arrived and Rebel is now out of quarantine and home with us. Settled in really well, and while Selsdon has been terrific with him Taylor's nose as been a little out of joint, but as the days go she is getting better. He has been to tracking with us, an obedience trial and met several of my friends and their dogs. Today he met Liz and her toller and Helen and her 2 standard poodles. Rebel is not fazed by anything, taking it all in his stride, absolutely beautiful temperment, I can't thank Jo enough for sending me such a fabulous boy. Guess we had better book him into show training classes and gets some practice.




 1/9/08 - Off to visit Rebel today, only 5 more days in quarantine, then he can escape to come tracking etc with us, getting very excited to have him home. He was very happy to see me, and while it was trying very hard to rain it didn't so we have a good play out in the exercise yard. I have booked the grooming room on Friday so he can have a bath before he comes home on Saturday.

 18/4/08 - I have been to visit Rebel again today and just as I was taking him outside for some exercise one of the ladies asked could they move him around to where some of the other dogs are, but as it was nice and quiet where he currently is, asked for him to stay there.  However, he did end up with a new crate as he as out grown the one he arrived in, but the one he has not got is huge, he could have a party and invite half the quarantine station dogs in there. I am just doing little bits of training with him as I can't be there every day and he is coming along great, show stand was the training programe today.

 14/8/08 - I have had a couple of visits to quarantine now and it is great to see how well Rebel has settled in. Loves it out in the exercise yards where he can have a great run and check out all that is going on around him.  I introduced him to the clicker on Monday and clever boy did not take long to work out what it was all about. A little hard to train too much as I am not there every day, but happy with him knowing the basics, like sitting for a treat and that sort of thing. Walking very nicely on his lead and has not tripped me up once .... yet.

A couple of friends are looking forward to meeting him and Joyce is going to come with me tomorrow for her first cuddle, said she cant wait for 4 weeks. Told her to wear something dark in colour as he likes to launch himself at you for a cuddle and its usually after he has had a paddle in the water bowl.


Well that sure was one emotional morning, well for me it was, had tears in my eyes as we were having our first cuddle. He is just beautiful, I was sat along side of him when he just hopped up on my lap and cuddle into my arms, just wonderful.  Above photo is Rebel out in one of the exercise yards checking everything out while having a play retrieve. The staff at quarantine think he is wonderful so I am sure he is going to be very spoilt. Next visit is tomorrow, cant wait. Thank you so much Jo for sending me such a beautiful boy.

Update -   Rebel has arrived in Perth, and I am off for my first visit this morning - 8/8/08.


Rebel is still currently with his breeder in the UK, waiting for the time when he is 12 weeks old and he can start his long journey to his new home here in Perth.

I would like to thank Jo and Richard Hewison of Casblaidd Flat Coated Retrievers for trusting Rebel to my care. After waiting for just over 3 years I sure am getting very excited and counting down the days until his arrival. Roll on the 7th August.

Rebel comes from terrific parents and Jo gave me permission to put this information on regarding  both Boogie and Ace.

Boogie is a very kind bitch, who works so well over all sorts of ground, and is a avery good retriever over water. She has outstanding scenting ability, and will hunt a large area if required, as well as hunting close.

Ace, the very handsome father, also has the kindest temperament, and has won BIS at the Flat Coated Retriever open show. He has heaps of natural ability in his working.  So we are hoping that Rebel inherit the sweet temperament and ability of them both.

Lastest news on Rebel, is all systems go, he has had some of his vacinations and the rest to follow this week also his blood test.  I have received his approved Import Permit yesturday so thats been forwarded to the shipping agent and his flight has been booked with Qantas leaving the UK on 6th August. Booked into the Byford Quarantine station here in Perth.

I was talking to Jo last night and they were staying with friends over the weekend, all their dogs plus Rebel and his one remaining brother all went on holiday with them. The people they were staying with, have not had puppies in a few years, but had a nice fenced off grassy area for the 2 puppies to have a run and play in.  Knowing that they were secure and safe, Jo headed back to the house for a cuppa and a chat.  A short while later there was a little voice at the door asking to come in and join in their tea party, yes Rebel and his brother had managed to escape and tracked them back to the house.

Rebels first "track", he sure is going to fit really well into our place.


Rebel at 4 days old with Mum Boogie and his 5 brothers and 4 sisters.